Couples Therapy

Growing in couples therapy.jpg

Parenting, in-laws, money, sex, work, roles at home – the issues you argue about may be big, or maybe they seem small and silly, but what matters is that they make you feel disconnected, unheard, unloved, hurt, even desperate and hopeless. I will help you hear each other – really understand each other. I’ll give you tools for understanding where arguments break down and how to find solutions together.

Here are some of the types of issues I can help you with: 

  • Imbalance in desire for sex.
  • Having the same old fight over and over.
  • Hurt over past events that you can’t seem to get past.
  • Disagreements over parenting style.
  • Loss of that feeling of closeness you had in the beginning of the relationship.
  • Differences on how to spend money.
  • Stress of controlling in-laws or special needs children.