What to Expect in the Therapy Process

When you decide to start psychotherapy, it is like leaving for a journey to an unknown place. You have an idea of what you hope that place will be like, but you don’t yet know how to get there, how it will feel once you arrive, or how the journey itself will change you. It takes some courage because it involves some risk and commitment.

In the first few sessions, I will ask you lots of questions about what’s troubling you, your family background, and your current lifestyle. And then together we’ll cast a vision for where you want to be – what needs healing and changing, how you want your life to be different. And then I’ll provide the structure and direction for the process – the roadmap for how to get there from here.

Along the way, if you are up for it, I’ll make recommendations that could speed up the process between sessions, like reading, journaling, and experimenting with new behaviors. You are welcome to give me feedback about what works for you and what doesn’t. We'll work together as a team to get where you want to go. I will celebrate with you as you take risks to do things differently. I will lend you my hope until you have your own again. I will help you heal and change from the roots up.