Making Way for Spiritual Growth 


This group is geared toward Christians who are struggling in their faith journey for a variety of reasons. Personal sharing, experiential exercises, short readings, journaling suggestions, and audio-visual selections will be part of the group process. Below are listed a sampling of issues with which participants may come and how the group will address them: 

  • History of abuse by Christian parents or church authorities – how to maintain your faith when you have been harmed by the faithful.
  • Frustration that formerly meaningful spiritual disciplines now feel empty – how to find new practices that nourish your relationship with God.
  • Lack of desire to go to church – how spiritual burnout happens and how to recover from it.
  • Concern that anxiety and depression (and other mental or physical illnesses) are signs of weak faith – how to understand suffering, illness, and healing in the context of the Kingdom of God.
  • Experience with legalism – how to access and rest in grace, how to surrender and trust.
  • Experience with fundamentalism – how to celebrate mystery and tolerate not having all the answers.
  • Discouragement about slowness of personal change – how to cooperate with the Spirit toward the transformation of your brokenness.
  • Tyranny of obsessive thoughts – how to distinguish them from the voice of God.
  • Nagging perfectionism – how to rethink the command to be perfect and embrace a process of moving towards wholeness.
  • Difficulties with boundaries in church and ministry – how to balance self-care with caring for others and quiet the voice that says settings boundaries is not loving.
  • Struggles with forgiving – how to separate and define forgiveness, healing and trust.
  • Inability to feel close to God – how to understand spiritual dryness and experience the presence of God in new ways.

Cost: 8 1.5 hour sessions, $380 for the series

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