Recovering from Childhood Sexual Abuse


This group is designed to help individuals and their partners understand the effects of childhood sexual abuse in their adult lives. It will point the way toward healing, including how to find a therapist, recommended books, how to journal through painful feelings, alternative treatments that can help, and how to build a social support team for the journey. We’ll discuss common symptoms of childhood sexual abuse such as anxiety, depression, poor interpersonal boundaries, low self-esteem, body image concerns, and difficulty with finding the appropriate level of trust with others. Other topics will include denial by family members, how and when to forgive, and the effects on your experience of sexuality as an adult. How to understand the abuse in the context of your spiritual beliefs will also be addressed. Practicing healthy boundaries will be an ongoing part of the conversation. Because of the sensitivity of the topic, every effort will be made to honor each participant’s privacy and facilitate a safe and boundaried discussion of this painful topic. 

Cost: 6 1.5 hour sessions, $280 for the series

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