Living Well with Chronic Illness & Pain


This group is for adults living with such conditions as Lyme disease (& the co-infections), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and/or pain, migraines, adrenal fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, severe allergies & food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and other hard-to-diagnose and disabling conditions.

It is easy for chronic health problems to take over and define your life. The goal of this group is to help you live fully with them even as you work to heal them. Emphasis will be on mental health issues that both contribute to and result from living with chronic health problems.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:    

  • Finding the “both-and” balance of accepting your condition and making efforts to improve your health and level of happiness.
  • The Six Stages of Change and how to be in charge of your health while collaborating with healthcare providers.
  • Techniques for processing grief and anger about the losses that come with chronic illness such as employment, favorite foods, activities, and relationships.
  • The mental, emotional, behavioral, and life-style factors that promote healing.
  • Skills for relieving stress and keeping your body in “rest, digest, and repair” mode.
  • Methods for decreasing depression, anxiety, isolation, and hopelessness.
  • How to manage the impact of your condition on your key relationships.
  • Coping skills for managing pain.
  • How neuroplasticity might be working against you and how to turn it in your favor.

Because those suffering with chronic illness are so often misunderstood by healthy loved ones, this group will help by normalizing your experiences, decreasing isolation, and providing camaraderie with those who “get it.” The group will also provide an opportunity to network and share resources such as recipes, online products, books, healthcare provider recommendations, and alternative healing techniques while you give and receive support for the journey. 

Cost: 6 1.5 hour sessions, $260 for the series -- Coming soon! Starting mid-October! Fill out the form below to join.

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