Group Therapy

Why Consider Group Therapy?  

Joining a group is a great way to get some help while waiting for space to open up in my schedule for private sessions. Many people assume that having the therapist’s undivided attention is preferable to being in a therapy group. That is certainly true for highly specific problems such as processing traumatic memories or complex relationship problems. But even so, there is always groundwork that needs to be laid first – acquiring a shared language, learning coping skills, and deepening self-awareness about the nature of the problem. And these can absolutely be done in a group setting with no disadvantage and several added advantages! Participating in group therapy can:

  • Normalize & Validate Your Experience – It decreases shame when you discover others have the same struggle.

  • Build Social Support – You find new friends, share ideas and resources, and feel stronger just knowing you aren’t alone facing your problem.

  • Teach You Skills – You learn the specific coping skills for your specific problem.

  • Connect You – We are all wired for connection and having a sense of belonging is a significant marker of health. Group therapy can fend off the sense of disconnection and isolation that our culture and mental health struggles often facilitate.

  • Save You Money & Privacy - If you don’t have insurance or have a high deductible, group therapy is much more cost effective than individual treatment. Also, because insurance isn’t involved, your health records won’t include it.

  • Give You Practice OpportunitiesGroup therapy is a safe place to practice relational skills you find challenging (such as interpersonal boundaries, asserting yourself, and receiving affirmation and support).

  • Increase Your Awareness – We often see unhelpful patterns of thinking and acting in others sooner than we do in ourselves. In a group with others who have a similar problem, this can facilitate an increase in awareness of our own unhelpful patterns.

  • Provide An Experience – Group work is a thing! Group experiences have been proven to be life-altering and transformative.

In addition to facilitating safe and authentic discussion on the specified topic of each group, I will be including relevant educational, experiential, and skills-training elements throughout the group process.

Available Therapy Groups:  

Group Scheduling & Payment Logistics

  • You will notice that none of the groups have established start dates or times. I will begin a group as soon as I have enough interested people who have all said a certain time slot works for them. This is why I need you fill out the online interest form below. That form will also give you the opportunity to request a call from me to discuss any questions you have about participating. Otherwise, I will be in touch with you as soon as I have a minimum number for a given group.

  • Because of the potential for the deepening of connections via vulnerable and authentic discussion in a safe environment, groups can have profound personal transformative effects on those committed to attending regularly. In order for these benefits to be maximized, group confidentiality will be emphasized and members will be required to commit to the full term of the group and make every effort to attend every meeting. For these reasons, new individuals will not be allowed to join once a group has begun to meet.

  • I am committed to starting and stopping group meetings promptly, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early so we can get started with a full group. This respects the time of those who arrive on time and allows you to plan for getting to other commitments after the meetings.

  • Groups will meet in the conference room down the hall from my office. Please see my forms page of my website for a map which includes where to park and how to enter the building.

  • No new members will be allowed to join after a group starts and each group has a limited number of participants. Therefore, once I establish a time and a start date for a group to meet, I will need payment for the full term of the group from you before the first meeting in order to hold your spot in it. (I might consider payment plans under certain circumstances.) Because this represents risk and commitment on your part, we will do a phone consultation to get a sense of whether you would be a good fit for the group and to answer any questions you have about it.

  • For each friend or family member you recruit to join your group (before it starts), I will discount your weekly meeting fee by $10. Just tell your friend or relative to include your name on the online interest form.

Considering joining a group? Fill out this form which lets me know which groups interest you and times you would be available.