Fees & Insurance

Paying for therapy is a lot like planting a seed... it is an investment in your future health and happiness.



Checks or cash, please. I do not take credit or debit cards.  

Individual & Couples Therapy:

The first two initial 53-minute appointments are $150 each.   


  • 53 Minute Session -- $140
  • 45 Minute Session -- $125

Group Therapy:

The groups vary in number of meetings. See the prices below the descriptions of each group.


Insurances Accepted

  • Anthem / BCBS (all forms, including plans purchased on the Marketplace and Anthem Maine Health)
  • Cigna
  • American Behavioral
  • Community Health Options
  • Martins Point US Family Health Plan
  • Conduent / Federal Workers Compensation Program
  • Any plan that has out of network benefits, such as Aetna

Benefits of Paying Out of Pocket for Psychotherapy

I understand the urge to use your insurance (since you pay so much for it!), but for those who might be deterred because I don’t take your insurance, please consider the following benefits of not using insurance:

  • Privacy. When you pay out of pocket for sessions, you preserve your privacy. Though rare, insurance companies have been known to audit client files, but even without an audit, they know how often you are treated and for what diagnosis. Sometimes they ask for a specific treatment plan. And although your health information is protected by HIPAA, breaches of protected health information have been known to happen.
  • Future Insurability. In order to use insurance, I need to give you a diagnosis. This goes on your permanent health record. A mental health diagnosis could potentially impact your ability to acquire life or disability insurance in the future.
  • Session Length & Creative Scheduling. When you don’t use third-party reimbursement, we are not bound by the time limits health insurance companies put on outpatient mental health sessions. This can be particularly useful with couples work and when using alternative techniques such as EMDR and energy-based therapies. For those interested, I schedule the session at the end of my day or on days I'm not typically in the office (including weekends) and then we are free to work until we’ve reached some sort of resolution. Many of my cash-paying clients who make use of extended sessions have observed that they feel they get exponentially more out of extended sessions because we are able to really complete a treatment or go deep on a complex couples issue.
  • Value. I have often observed that those who pay cash for their therapy take it more seriously and get more out of it. They are setting a value on their mental health by paying out of pocket and often that translates to deeper, more transformative work. 

One last thing to consider: if you have an HSA account, the fees you pay will be on pre-tax earnings which effectively decreases the cost by as much as one third, depending on your tax bracket.

planting seeds of growth in therapy