Energy & Christian Spirituality

“Efficient flow of energy is essential to wellness; disease is the result of any interference with this flow.”
— Ilya Prigogine, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

I know that the word “energy” can seem “New-Agey” and scare some Christians into thinking that they are dabbling in things not sanctioned by God. But the truth is that we now have scientific means to detect various parts of the energy system in the body. Subtle energies in the body are a matter of fact, not belief, and working with those energies does not require or assume a New Age worldview.

500 years ago, no one knew of the existence of the immune system and yet it existed in spite of prevailing wisdom that illness was caused by spirits entering the body. Now we take for granted that invisible things called germs cause illness and that we have an invisible immune system in the body designed by God to fight them. Most of us don't think twice about taking herbs or medicines to help us fight viruses, parasites, and cancer, but during the Middle Ages, those who used herbs to help heal the sick were considered witches! In fact, we now know that herbs can give a boost to the immune system! I think there are powerful parallels here. I believe the angst about energy-based modalities today has nothing to do with medical validity or spiritual realities. They just don't fit into the prevailing cultural paradigm of healing and so they scare people. 

Sometimes the immune system is so overwhelmed that it needs medical intervention. The same goes with the energy system. When blockages in energy flow occur, we have symptoms (physical, mental/emotional, or both) which, if left untreated, eventually develop into illness. The techniques I use just support the energy system in doing its job much like penicillin does for the immune system. Now, although there is a growing body of research on some of these techniques (see, they are still considered experimental. But don’t let that discourage you! We used penicillin for decades before we understood why it worked, but we used it anyway because it worked! 

I welcome any questions you have about how Christian faith and energy-based treatments intersect. Just ask! And of course, if you decide you are not comfortable with them, we can simply not use them. EMDR is not considered an energy-based technique and therefore might be a good choice if the need arises for an approach other than talk therapy.


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