Boot Camp for Empathy Skill-Building

Empathy is the skill of communicating to others that you understand how they are feeling. Most people grossly underestimate the power of it. It is essential for intimacy in love relationships and for raising healthy self-assured children, but it really makes for more effective human interactions in any context, including work. And yet, most people aren’t very good at it. Some people struggle with understanding how others feel, others don’t know how to put it into words, and still others don’t see the point and why it would even make a difference. This group will explain what empathy is, what it is not, and why it’s important. Then, in a safe, fun environment, you will get lots of opportunities to practice and hone this skill. Perhaps your wife tells you that you don’t listen. Perhaps your kids argue with you and tell you that you don’t understand. Perhaps your employees grumble and then resist your instructions. Empathy is likely to help with all of these situations, and after participating in this group, you will likely be surprised at how much better all of your relationships are when you begin to employ it.

Cost: 4 1.5 hour sessions, $190 for the series

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