Chronic Fatigue, Illness & Pain


I live with one of the tick-borne parasites so I know well the territory of suffering with chronic unexplained pain and fatigue mixed with a myriad of mysterious symptoms that come and go. I understand intimately the impact chronic illness can have on relationships, social life, beloved hobbies, career aspirations, and finances, not to mention moods and mental health. For those who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders, Lyme Disease (and/or the co-infections), fibromyalgia, and for those don’t have a diagnosis at all but who feel physically unwell often, I can help with:

  • Coping with the stress of dealing with our broken healthcare system.
  • Advocating for yourself with medical practitioners who often imply “it’s all in your head,” blame you for being sick, or give simplistic answers to your complex problem.
  • Choosing between the various alternative healthcare options, especially when financial resources are limited.
  • Developing a mindfulness practice which will help with any illness, but which research has shown to be particularly helpful for decreasing inflammation and managing pain.
  • Grieving losses caused by your health problems.
  • Communicating with significant others and friends about your needs and limitations.
  • Finding the balance between acceptance of your limitations while simultaneously working toward improved health via self-care.
  • Exploring the relationship between your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical symptoms you are experiencing. 
  • Listening to your body and honoring its messages.

I offer two therapy groups that may be of interest to you. Check them out:

Befriending your Body

Living Well with Chronic Illness & Pain