Christian Spirituality


I am passionate about helping people be freed to live by God’s sustaining and enabling grace. I was raised in the church and then had a deepening faith experience in college. I led many Bible studies, small groups, and adult Christian formation classes in various churches. I served with InterVarsity as volunteer staff at Tufts University and took several classes at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School before deciding to get a Masters in Counseling. The first 5 years of my counseling career were spent working with two Christian counseling group practices, mentored by older therapists who were both committed believers and experienced clinicians. Because I have worshipped in a wide array of denominational and non-denominational churches, I have a sense for a variety of church subcultures and the spectrum of theology within mainstream Christianity. I also worked in the only two residential programs in the country that served those recovering from involvement in abusive churches and cultic groups. Thus, I am able to respect and celebrate the diversity of worship styles within the church at large while also challenging unhelpful beliefs from a Biblical perspective. 

Of course, those of other faiths are welcome, too; I am respectful of all life-affirming spiritual traditions, as well as those with no spiritual practice at all. My clients determine to what extent spirituality is a part of the therapy. But for those with Christian faith or experience in the church, my background can help with: 

  • Including Christian images and concepts into healing techniques such as EMDR.
  • Discussing how to apply Christian principles and values in marriage, dating, work, money, and life decisions.
  • Wrestling with anger at God for painful events that have happened.
  • Exploring obstacles to transformation by grace.
  • Making sense of disillusionment with the church and its members.
  • Healing from hurt induced by parents eager to pass on their faith and scandals and abuses in Christian leadership. 
  • Clarifying identity issues for those raised in the faith but who no longer believe. 
  • Integrating shifts in worldview as theology matures.
  • Finding balance between serving others and taking care of oneself.
  • Understanding mental illness from a Biblical perspective.
  • Deciding how to interact with children who decide they are not heterosexual.
  • Addressing doubts and difficulty with forgiveness.
  • Solving the problem of shame with the gospel.

I have also provided trainings or consultations at a large variety of churches. See my page on workshops for more details and feel free to call to discuss how I could provide various faith-related offerings to your church or ministry. 

Christian energy-based therapy



If you are a Christian and concerned about my references to using energy-based approaches in my work, click HERE.