Bolstering Interpersonal Boundaries

Setting up boundaries in relationships

Interpersonal boundaries are the way we talk about (or don’t talk about!) the limits of what is ok and what is not ok in relationships, providing protection (or not!) from behaviors from others that can harm us. We all operate by a set of rules regarding interpersonal boundaries, but many of us aren’t aware of what our rules are and how we came by them, so we often don’t realize how unhealthy they are. Home environments that include child abuse, addiction, domestic violence, and sometimes even very conservative religious beliefs breed poor boundaries because they train us to believe we are not entitled to protect ourselves and are required to meet the needs of others. Feelings of guilt for saying ‘no’ and resentment when you say ‘yes’ are good indicators that you have dysfunctional boundaries, and those unhelpful boundaries are likely to be causing problems in your relationships. In fact, often communication problems in relationships are really about emotional boundaries gone awry. This group will teach you what healthy boundaries are, why you need them, when to set them, and how to stick to them. Learning about boundaries will help you in all your relationships, but it is especially likely to help parents, bosses, caregivers of sick loved ones, those with in-law troubles, and those who have chronic anxiety or depression. The group will serve as an on-going source of support and feedback for changing boundaries behavior in participants’ lives. It will also serve as a safe environment in which to practice good boundaries in the moment with one another.


Cost: 6 1.5 hour sessions, $280 for the series

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